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Paris attacks


On Tuesday Prime Minister David Cameron gave a statement to the House of Commons on the Paris attacks. MPs on both sides of the House stood united in expressing their condolences and solidarity with the people of Paris in the wake of the horrific and unjustified attacks.

On behalf of the Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn wrote to François Hollande expressing his deepest sympathy and offering support in every effort to bring to justice the perpetrators of these despicable acts.

In response to David Cameron, Jeremy Corbyn stated that the Prime Minister and the Home Secretary have talked of the importance of achieving consensus in our response to the attacks and a common objective in trying to defeat ISIL and said that the Opposition stand ready to work with him and the Government towards that end. He said the shocking events are a reminder to all of the ever present threat of terrorism and pledged Labour’s support for the Government in their efforts to protect the people of this country and keep them safe.

He called on the Prime Minister to confirm that he is willing to work with the Labour Party to prevent further drastic cuts to our police force which will be playing a vital role on the ground in ensuring that our communities are safe.

We in Britain are proud to live in a diverse and multi-faith society, and we stand for the unity of all communities. There are more than 2 million Muslims living in Britain, and they are as utterly appalled by the terrorist attacks in Paris as anybody else. We have seen after previous atrocities such as this that there can be a backlash against Muslim and other communities, but we must be clear that anti-Semitism, Islamophobia and far-right racism have no place whatsoever in our society. Jeremy Corbyn called on the Prime Minister to work with faith communities to ensure that we achieve and strengthen community cohesion during these difficult times.

It is also important the Government provide the security and humanitarian aid that is needed. Jeremy Corbyn asked the Prime Minister to ensure all those entering the UK whether as refugees or as visitors are appropriately screened and that the Home Office provide the border staff necessary to do that. He also said that it is important in these circumstances to maintain our humanitarian duty towards refugees.

House Of Lords Votes to Allow 16 and 17-Year-Olds Say In EU Referendum


The rights of young people took centre stage on Wednesday night. Labour Peers led a cross-party vote in favour of giving 16 and 17 year-olds the vote in the upcoming EU referendum, resulting in another resounding Government defeat.

The Tories are once again on the wrong side of the argument and have fallen short of speeding through their agenda thanks to Labour Peers. First with tax credits and now with young people. Lord Faulkes the Tory Civil justice minister, suggested 16-year-olds might be overwhelmed by the challenge of voting. These are the same 16 and 17-year-olds that can get married, join the army, become a director of a company, and pay income tax. These are the same 16 and 17 year olds who in Scotland showed that, when given the right to vote, they become passionately engaged and used their vote responsibly.

Wednesday represented an astounding victory. The fact that over 40 independent peers were convinced by the strength of our argument, and the scale of the defeat - Government lost by 82 votes - means David Cameron may be forced into yet another u-turn. Labour have confidence in the ability of young people to make informed decisions about their future. Now it is up to the Prime Minister to show the same confidence in our young people and let the 1.5million 16-17 year olds vote in the EU Referendum.

Labour’s Shadow Foreign Office Minister in the Lords, Baroness Eluned Morgan said of the result “It’s an exceptional situation and a once in a life time vote – Mr Cameron should allow these young people their say and accept the Lords amendment.” Campaigns will now be run to encourage this age group to put pressure on Conservative MPs to alert them to the fact that denying them a vote in the EU referendum will be noted by this upcoming generation of General Election voters.


The Economy


Next week George Osborne will deliver the Government’s Spending Review and Autumn Statement. He will outline the Government’s spending plans and economic strategy.

We will finally discover if he u-turns on cuts to tax credits and what he will do to police budgets. Thanks to Labour Lords, the Government has already been forced to rethink over cuts to tax credits, but we are still calling for a reversal of these cuts. Labour’s campaign to protect the police budget from drastic cuts has been gaining momentum and we urge the Government to review the budget cut proposals.

As we look towards the joint Spending Review and Autumn Statement we must assess George Osborne’s economic progress so far. Unfortunately the results have not been good, Osborne is failing to secure the long term future of our economy. His record does not stand up to scrutiny.

He has failed on multiple measures – he has not closed the deficit, as he said he would, borrowing is £200bn higher than planned in 2010, the UK’s productivity gap is widening, housing investment is falling, and businesses can’t access the finance they need to invest and create the stable, secure and high-skilled jobs of the future. 

In line with the Tory ideology of austerity, working people are bearing the brunt. The Chancellor’s plan to cut tax credits are a work penalty which will cost three million working families on average £1,300 a year from April 2016.

Labour rejects the Tory ideology of austerity because it won’t deliver the sustainable economy that we need. We need to move away from knee-jerk cuts, and embrace a strategic approach.

An approach where we work in partnership with businesses, entrepreneurs and workers to stimulate growth. Provide the opportunity for massive advances in technology, skills and organisational change that will drive up productivity, create new innovative products and new markets.

This is our real economic alternative to Tory austerity, closing the deficit but in a different way by making different choices more conducive to the long-term health of the economy.

Updates from Westminster - Paris Attacks, 16 & 17 yr old votes in EU referendum and the Economy

    Paris attacks   On Tuesday Prime Minister David Cameron gave a statement to the House of Commons on the Paris attacks. MPs on both sides of the House stood...


Labour’s Missing Million campaign has now reached the home stretch. We have less than a week to go to get as many people as possible registered by the 20th November to ensure they get counted on the 1st December electoral register.

The new system of Individual Electoral Registration (IER) changes how you register to vote. In the past, it was possible for a family member or your university to register you to vote. But now, you need to take action to do it yourself. The problem is the Tories have rushed these changes through and have not properly informed voters.  As a result up to a million people may not have even realised and risk falling off the register.

We can’t sit by and watch this many people lose the right to vote. That’s why next week is crucial. We must do everything we can before the deadline to make sure that everyone who wants to vote in future elections can.

Young people and students are amongst the groups worst affected, alongside people in BAME communities, private renters or those in low-paid work.

On top of this, the number of people registered in December will be the basis for changes to parliamentary constituencies next year – meaning that areas where fewer people are registered to vote could lose representation.It's a cynical attempt by the Toriesto rig the system in their favour - we've got to do something about it.

It's actually really easy to register, just visit and in three minutes you will be done.

In these final days we are asking you to spread theword and tell as many people as you can. Even if this government want to play around with the boundaries, we've got to make sure that our democracy can be saved.  


This week the Government’s draconian Trade Union Bill was met with strong Labour opposition, but ultimately passed the House of Commons at third reading. In the true spirit of solidarity, Labour MPs stood up for workers and trade unions across the UK and voted against the Bill but it passed with a majority of 34.

We know the Bill is undoubtedly a large-scale attack on the rights of ordinary working people, preventing workers from standing up to protect their jobs, pay and security.  We know millions will be affected – from teachers to bakers, office workers to nurses, engineers to shop assistants. However the Tories just don’t care.

When they should be addressing the big challenges we face - low pay, productivity and skills – they are instead introducing measures which will make it harder for working people to challenge unfairness like low pay or safety concerns.

This Bill ultimately proves that the Tories don’t stand up for working people.

Not only is it an attack on working people but it is also bad for business. It risks damaging industrial relations, and undermining constructive employment relations, resulting in more, not less industrial action. And it is also a deliberate attack by the Tories on the Labour Party. It deliberately threatens the Party’s funding from affiliated trade unions whilst leaving Tory funding sources untouched - breaking the well-established consensus on this issue.

The Bill will now be passed on to the House of Lords for consideration. Be assured Labour Peers will continue our opposition and put pressure on the government in the fight against this unjust Bill.


The Scotland Bill completed its last hurdle in the House of Commons on Monday. Once passed into law it will make the Scottish Parliament the most powerful devolved Parliament in the world. Scotland now has considerable power over income tax and welfare and Labour have been the driving force behind these measures.

Thanks to Labour pressure, The Scottish Parliament can design its own social security provision, create new benefits in any devolved area and top up existing benefits like tax credits. There is no doubt that The Scottish Parliament now has a greatopportunity to make Scotland the fairest nation on earth.

The debate now needs to move on from what powers the Scottish Parliament has to how the Scottish parliament will use these new powers.

During Monday’s debate, Labour’s Shadow Secretary of State for Scotland, Ian Murray called for just that.

He told the SNP Government “to tell people across Scotland how they will use these powers. In particular, whether they will restore the money lost because of the Tory's tax credit cuts.”  Scottish Labour has already pledged to do this. Leader Kezia Dugdale has vowed to protect working families from Tory tax credit cuts to ensure they do not lose out.

Labour have laid out plans to protect tax credits because they have lifted hundreds of thousands of children out of poverty and let working families aspire to more than just making it to the end of the month. It is time the SNP Government told us whether they plan to do the same.

Updates from Westminster - The Missing Million, Trade Union Bill & Scotland Bill

THE MISSING MILLION Labour’s Missing Million campaign has now reached the home stretch. We have less than a week to go to get as many people as possible registered by...


This week Labour launched a new national campaign to stop the Tories going ahead with cuts to the police force. Join us in support as we aim to get 100,000 people signed up to our national petition before George Osborne gives his Spending Review later this month in which he could spell out police cuts of 25 percent.

Labour believes that sensible savings are possible. Police say that efficiency savings of 5-10% would be difficult but doable. But a budget cut in double figures is a dangerous gamble that could take thousands of bobbies off the beat and risk public safety.

Since The Tories have been in government the number of police officers have fallen by 17,000. Should George Osborne go ahead with these drastic cuts, then 22,000 more officers could lose their jobs.

Crime is changing, not falling. The most serious violent and sexual crimes are at their highest levels in years. At the same time, police have to deal with the onset of cyber-crime, counter-terrorism and child sex exploitation and abuse. Now is not the time to put at risk the level of public protection that the police can offer.

Labour’s Andy Burnham forced a Commons vote on Wednesday, urging the Government to listen to police chiefs across the county who have warned about the impact of severe budget cuts.

Former Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, crossbench peer Lord John Stevens, current Commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe and Lancashire Chief Constable Steve Finnigan among others have all called on the Government to drop their plans.

Just as with tax credits, the Tories were not honest about what their cuts would mean before the election. Now we can see they intend on ending neighbourhood policing as we know it. The Tories will go down as the Government that took thousands of bobbies off the beat.


This week’s PMQs saw David Cameron dismiss Jeremy Corbyn's concerns over the looming NHS 'winter crisis'. Instead of giving the British public a sure guarantee on the NHS he chose to make political jibes.

Corbyn called Cameron out on his response and said “The issue I raised with the prime minister was the NHS, in case he had forgotten.”

“There are now 3.5 million people waiting for treatment... Will he just get real? The NHS is in a problem."

Unlike the Tories Labour is not ignoring this impending crisis. The NHS is the jewel in our crown and our record has shown we have sought to support it and fought to protect it. But now under the Tories, the NHS is facing real threats. Hospitals deficits, huge waiting lists, a deep financial crisis.

Key experts and organisations have also warned the Government to take action.  Dr Cliff Mann, president of the Royal College of Emergency Medicine, said the looming winter would be worse than last year. Last year was indeed the worst winter on record for the NHS. The King’s Fund had previously warned that the NHS would face a rapid deterioration in patient care unless the financial crisis was resolved.

But instead of responding to these concerns with sufficient investment. David Cameron and Jeremy Hunt are continuously putting it at risk with unfair junior doctor contracts, unnecessary top down reorganisation and a drive towards privatisation.


After giving the Prime Minister a week to think about it, Jeremy Corbyn asked Cameron for the seventh time running for a guarantee that no-one would lose out from Tory cuts to working tax credits off.

Fear about the impact of working tax credit cuts is being felt by millions of people across the country. With this policy the Government is turning its back on working families.

But again, Cameron failed to give an answer. Instead he responded with details of other Government policies, including the income tax personal allowance and increases in the national minimum wage. All of which experts have stated will not be enough to compensate for the tax credit cuts.

According to Cameron we will have to wait three more weeks to get a Government response on tax credits. This gives us three more weeks of sustained pressure and campaigning to make the Government perform a U-turn, fairly and in full on these unfair tax credit cuts. Please continue to support us and join our campaign here

News from Westminster - 7th November 15

TORY POLICE CUTS This week Labour launched a new national campaign to stop the Tories going ahead with cuts to the police force. Join us in support as we aim...

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