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This is it. A massive opportunity to show the Tories what we're made of.

On 4 May, after the local elections, we have the chance to wake up to headlines about Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Party winning seats across the country. To see Twitter lighting up with news of councils across the country turning red. But only if we act now.

That's why on 24 March hundreds of us will hit the streets in areas where the race is tightest.

We need you to campaign in Worcester.

Every single person that gets out of bed and joins us will take us one step closer to the results we want to see. So we need you to be there.

Commit to be there by clicking attending on Facebook — and share so your friends know to join you.


Attending on Facebook


Don't have Facebook? RSVP on our website and we'll send you the full details next week.




Martin, we won't rest until Jeremy Corbyn is in Number 10.

The Tories have had eight years. Eight years of running our public services into the ground. Eight years of putting profits before people. Eight years of falling living standards. Well, their time is up.

If you want to make sure of that — then it's time to get campaigning.

If it's your first time knocking on doors, don't worry, you'll get lots of friendly support.

Here's to winning across the country,

Team Labour

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