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Dear Colleagues

Worcester has a Labour mayor! - Cllr Jabba Riaz is an excellent hard working friendly family man with a strategic eye on the city's needs. His aims are about uniting the city and your Labour Group is really pleased that at the start of his 3rd term as a councillor he has been elected to this highest office.

Other significant positions were also decided at the Annual Council last night, witnessed by a record number of public visitors: Joy Squires, Jo Hodges and Pat Agar will all chair their relevant committees.

However, Labour Councillors and 2 of the 3 Greens voted against the Tory nominee for deputy mayor, Allah Dittah. Obviously he was successful in his election despite being a 'recycled' mayor - ie he has done it before in recent times - and having some back story of alleged ill repute. Marc Bayliss was also elected Leader of the Council, again with Labour and 2 Greens voting against. Cllr Louis Stephen, Leader of the local Green Party, maintained his support for the Conservative choices, Bayliss and Dittah. He reinforced his earlier informal decisions to keep Labour away from the chair of the key Place Committee.

It remains to be seen whether Cllr Stephen continues this stance into the whole year, including the budget and city plan, while his 2 colleagues vote with Labour. If that happens we can be sure that Conservative policies will hold sway in Worcester for the next 12 months


For information there are 15 Labour, 3 Green, and 17 Conservative coouncillors


Adrian Gregson

Cll Rainbow Hill

Leader, Labour Group

Deputy Leader Worcester City Council


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Martin, we won't rest until Jeremy Corbyn is in Number 10.

The Tories have had eight years. Eight years of running our public services into the ground. Eight years of putting profits before people. Eight years of falling living standards. Well, their time is up.

If you want to make sure of that — then it's time to get campaigning.

If it's your first time knocking on doors, don't worry, you'll get lots of friendly support.

Here's to winning across the country,

Team Labour

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