A leader has been chosen

The decision of a quite unprecedented vote by individual members of any political party for their Leader must be welcomed, respected and supported.

Any leadership contest in any kind of organisation provokes argument and can cause divisions, but once the decision is made, those divisions must/will heal.

The most important fight we have as a Labour Party - and the most frustrating thing about this contest for me - is that while it goes on, we are seeing this radical Conservative Government start the destruction of the welfare state, education, culture and society in general, even to the point of abandoning many of its own promises to the electorate made before May this year.

We have a fight on our hands at a local level to preserve, protect and champion those who are being hit by their policies.

In terms of who I voted for, I don't think it now matters - I have never, I think, voted for the ultimate winner of a leadership contest in the Party, but I have always committed and supported that Leader and that Party and I expect other Party members across the country and in the Parliamentary Labour Party to do the same - and I am sure they will.

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