About your Team

Worcester Labour Party Executive Committee




Male_icon.png Ian Craigan Ian@iancraigan.plus.com



Vice Chair




Female_icon.png Chris Cawthorne ccawthorne@worcesterlabour.org.uk




Female_icon.png Vanessa Mann vanessamann53@aol.com




Campaign Coordinator


Male_icon.png Andy Graham andygrahamag@googlemail.com



Fundraising Co-ordinator

Female_icon.png Ruth Coates rcoates@worcesterlabour.org.uk



Womans Officer

Female_icon.png Bev Morris bmkmorris@gmail.com



Members and Supporters Co-ordinator

Male_icon.png Martin Barratt. artyevesham@yahoo.co.uk



Diversity Co-ordinator

Female_icon.png Samm Hale  sajazah@yahoo.com



Youth and Student Co-ordinator

Male_icon.pngFreddie Watts freddiewatts@outlook.com



Trades Union Liason Officer

Male_icon.png Nick Makin nick.makin@outlook.com



Political Education Officer




Branch Delegate to Executive Committee

Female_icon.png Sue Smith billandsuesmith@hotmail.com



Branch Delegate to Executive Committee

Female_icon.png Rae Heading raeheading@hotmail.com



Branch Delegate to Executive Committee


Female_icon.png Lynn Denham lynndenham@googlemail.com



Branch Delegate to Executive Committee

Male_icon.png Paul Denham councillor@pauldenham.net



Branch Delegate to Executive Committee


Female_icon.png Joy Squires joy.squires@btinternet.com



Affiliated Organisations Rep

Male_icon.png Roger Berry  rogerberry@phonecoop.coop









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  • Juliette Emery
    commented 2017-11-10 15:39:32 +0000
    This tells the name of those on the team but not ‘about’ the team. Their plans, forecasts, objectives and aims. Will they be posted
    P aims and
  • Martin Barratt
    published this page 2017-07-11 20:46:21 +0100
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