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There are many ways you can get involved in the Labor Party, both on a local and national level


Join or support the Labour Party

First and foremost, you can join the Labour Party
Alternatively, you can become a supporter of the Labour Party

A Labour member pays the subscription and receives a membership card, is able to attend all Labour meetings, campaigns, socials and participate fully in the activities of the Party. A member is also able to vote on internal Party issues, including the selection of candidates.
A "registered supporter" of the Labour Party does not go as far as becoming a full member. A registered supporter pays a relatively nominal fee and is invited to Labour meetings, campaigns and socials, but may not vote on internal issues such as the selection of Party officers, election candidates, etc.

Come to meetings, events and join us campaigning 

Members and supporters of the Worcester Constituency Labour Party can frequently be found out and about holding campaigning events, street stalls, door knocking and dropping flyers. We also hold various events, meetings and socials - find out more here.


Have a voice, and make it heard

If you have an opinion, you can make it heard! There are load of ways to express your opinion, many of which can and will help our cause. Using social media and writing to the paper are both great ways to spread the word.

We would also encourage you to write to your councillor with any concerns you might have. Sharing your concerns with incumbent Tories about their policies and other local affairs is also encouraged!

You can find all of the useful contacts and links to have you voice heard here.

Join our website

If you fill in your details above you can join our website. This gives you the ability to share your opinion on content on the website something we would encourage. 

It will also mean you get added to our list of people to contact when we are campaigning locally.

Follow and like our social media profiles

You can find links to all of our social media pages here.

Get in touch

If you would like to get in touch, you can find the most relevant point of contact here




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