Jeremy Corbyn visit to Worcester

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JoyJezEmerg2.jpg      Jeremy Corbyn brings Joy to the streets of Worcester!

 Monday 8th May

Worcester High Street was blocked today by hundreds of Labour members, supporters and curious onlookers as we welcomed a surprise VIP visitor to help kick start Joy Squires’ campaign. Jeremy Corbyn took to the stump with energy and conviction, praising Joy’s record locally and in the last election and urging people to get behind her in the next four weeks.


Earlier in the day Jeremy joined Joy in a visit to the University of Worcester. Greeted by Vice Chancellor, David Green, and hordes of enthusiastic students, Jeremy spoke to student nurses about Labour’s commitment to reinstating adequate funds for training. He took time to listen to their stories – how removal of student bursaries was causing hardship and stress; how the bursary was a decisive factor in attracting mature students into the profession.


Jeremy also met representatives from the Students Union and spoke eloquently about inclusion and justice for disabled people after hearing from Sophie Carrigill, Women’s co-captain of British Wheelchair Basketball.

Worcester Members were joined by Labour supporters from all over the county to welcome Jeremy and cheer his positive messages about policy and pledges. “They’re all in the manifesto – which is my pocket right now but you’ll have to wait till next week!” he teased. The progressive and costed measures can all be wrapped neatly under the banner of ‘For the Many, not the Few’.


 Ken Loach, the acclaimed director of “I Daniel Blake” accompanied Jeremy Corbyn on his visit. Much to the delight of fans and autograph hunters


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