Labour concerned about Tory plans to contract-out Worcester's bin collections

As expected, the Worcester's Tory City Council is looking into "future service delivery" of the City's Cleaner & Greener Services.

"Competitive dialogue" and "procurement" for waste and recycling services, street cleaning, and other key services is on the agenda at a vital Council meeting on Tuesday 18 August.

Full details here

Labour Councillors have always been critical of these plans, which are expected to cost around £200,000 and to affect more than 100 Council employees.

This Council meeting is open to the public, and your Labour Councillors would welcome public support. This is a great opportunity to see Labour Councillors in action, scrutinising the Tory administration, and to see the difference between Labour and Tory priorities.

The meeting commences at 7pm on Tuesday 18 August, at Worcester Guildhall.

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  • Chris1906
    commented 2015-08-13 23:15:57 +0100
    This is the decades old Tory trick of reducing, removing or privatising local services while managing to maintain or increase the council tax. This is the easy way to manage local services without addressing the real needs of the community. What people want are effective local services which are ultimately run by democratically accountable people. What they do not want is services that are contracted out to a profit driven, non transparent, private organisation that exists for the benefit of its shareholders and not the community.
  • neil Hunter
    commented 2015-08-13 16:48:07 +0100
    200k is tendering cost? I lack real understanding of this but am concerned because of where it stems from. A party that conspires with a man like Amos is very bad news. Is there any move to help the workforce set up a cooperative? The contract, whoever wins it must be monitored closely, be subject to substantial penalties for breaches including being possible to revoke without compensation when standards are not met frequently. Public Health is too important a matter to allow any less than agreed standards
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