Labour's position on the future of Worcester City Council


Worcester's Labour Councillors held their annual meeting on Saturday and discussed the range of options for governing Worcester City Council and the policies being put forward by the different parties.

Speaking after the meeting, Labour Group Leader Adrian Gregson said:

“With Labour winning the largest share of the vote at the city council elections – 36% - and the Greens a further 15.6%, a clear majority (51.6%) of those who voted did so for the difference of approach represented by Labour and the Greens.

Having looked closely at our policies and the Green Party’s, we are struck by the level of agreement on issues such as the need for more affordable housing, tighter controls and better standards in private sector accommodation, improving air quality, promoting energy efficiency and engaging with local communities to enable them to have more say in decisions that affect them. And we both agree on the need to stop the privatisation of the city’s Cleaner and Greener service.

We believe that we owe it to our voters to work for a solution that allows us to pursue the policies set out in our manifesto, particularly bringing Worcester City FC back to Worcester and stopping the privatisation of the Cleaner and Greener service.

We recognise that locating Worcester City FC at Perdiswell presents problems for the Conservatives and the Greens because they both believe they would lose an election if they were to support it. We would call on them to rise above their own partisan interests, think about the city as a whole and, assuming planning permission is granted, back the club establishing its home at Perdiswell.

We have always questioned the need to privatise the city’s excellent and efficient Cleaner and Greener service from when the idea was first launched by the Conservatives. We have never believed that the savings projected could be made. Cllr Bayliss has consistently defended his decision to press ahead, has blocked Labour’s attempts to reveal the true facts and remains in denial about the wisdom of continuing the flawed process of outsourcing this essential city council service. This privatisation must be stopped and we would stop it on day one, given the opportunity to do so.

We welcome the Greens’ proposal to take the politics out of the mayorality by appointing the Mayor on the basis of seniority and, in keeping with that sentiment, we will be proposing Paul Denham for Mayor on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, we are committed to talks on Monday to find the best way to reflect the wishes of the voters as well as reconciling any differences we may have between us in terms of approach to the governance of our city and the policies we wish to see implemented.”

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  • Elaine Donnelly
    commented 2016-05-15 16:31:12 +0100
    A Labour Green coalition is the only way for me and I’d be tempted to leave the Greens to come to their own senses now they know both sides. I appreciate there may be some people who may wish to try to work together but Labour and Tory are complete polar opposites and I don’t think I could ever support a Rainbow Alliance. Re Worcester City FC what’s wrong with Perdiswell? If it’s the parking is it possible to use the Park and Ride site for parking on match days? It’s not much of a walk from there. For me the benefits far outweigh the NIMBY arguments and I live just around the corner. Delighted to hear that Paul Denham has been nominated for Mayor.
  • Gaynor Pritchard
    commented 2016-05-15 15:44:09 +0100
    I agree with Paul ~ on a labour Green and not a Rainbow ~ people voted to get the Tories out of Battenhall as it was a choice of voting Labour and getting a Tory or voting Green and getting a Tory out, this was a comment I read on-line somewhere! Also, another resident for St Stephens said she wouldn’t have voted Green if she thought they would get in with the Tories! Listen to the people and your conscience – is it about gaining control or doing whats right – if you do whats right for Worcester you can still gain control and change things for the better.
  • Paul Mountain
    commented 2016-05-15 12:43:42 +0100
    I support a Labour Green coalition and I urge the Labour group to negotiate in good faith to achieve that outcome. It gives us the chance to set new standards and to develop Worcester as one of the most attractive and successful small cities in England, indeed Europe . All the available alternatives are far worse PM
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